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Welcome to A.F.F.R.E.E.C.A.
Our Vision

Our vision at A.F.F.R.E.E.C.A. is a world where all Afro-Americans have access to free educational experiences that promote personal and professional growth, and contribute to a more equitable and just society. We envision a future where the economic gap that exists between African Americans and other groups are closed, and where cultural understanding and social cohesion are the norm. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change in our community and beyond.

Empowering Afro-Culture Through Education & Travel Worldwide

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Founder & President
About Ivy

Ivy Collins was born September of 1978 and the oldest of two children. From the earliest memories of school, she loved school. She would be thrilled to get dressed and be with her friends in the learning environment. Her next memory of school was leaving and moving to another city or state. She never had the experience of staying at the same school for more than one year. Ivy attended a different school for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade but by the time she got to junior high school that was the first time that she'd seen the same students two years in a row. Once in high school, Ivy was finally settled in a place where she would be throughout the duration of these educational years. It was difficult to make long term friends because she was so accustomed to change.
This may be a common story for some youth, especially those in the African American communities. Having a parent who is in and out of prison makes it difficult to have a stable childhood. Through education, Ivy now strives to help African Americans, who have the lowest education levels in the United States. She does a deep dive into understanding their goals, dreams and aspirations. What do they want to do in life? It can be difficult to find your passions when you have no clear direction or guidance. Nevertheless, she has a desire to help the underserved youth become greater than who they are now. Ivy looks forward to offering opportunities that will help others determine their goals and purpose. A.F.F.R.E.E.C.A. will offer pipelines into industries, so that the road maps will become clear on how to obtain greater socioeconomic status and nurture personal growth.
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Our Mission

"As a part of our campaign to celebrate Afro-culture worldwide and empower African-Americans through educational travel. Our mission is to create culturally empowering experiences and offers group travel for those interested in pursuing economic or educational goals."
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Our Cause

Societal attitudes and biases have played a role in perpetuating the problems faced by African American communities. This includes stereotypes and prejudices that have led to discrimination and limited opportunities. We believe travel can help to increase cultural understanding and appreciation, and promote greater cross-cultural understanding. By creating educational experiences and excursions we will cultivate community togetherness, cultural awareness as well as build character and heals wound left by the residual effects of slavery.
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Our Commitment
Empowerment Goals

A.F.F.R.E.E.C.A. is committed to advocating for reparations for African Americans in the form of free education and free travel, recognizing the profound historical and ongoing impact of systemic racism on the Black community. We believe in the power of education and travel to empower individuals and communities.
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